Trendy Report: The SAG Awards Heralds the Big Leagues


The Screen Actors Guild announced their roster of nominees Wednesday morning, and the ceremonial regulations re-directed our antlers towards the welcoming chaos of award season.

Based on the prescriptions of top critics, we could already fathom the fate of films like Les Miserables, Lincoln and Argo. But it was surprising to note certain performances that were left in the dust. The Dark Knight Rises despite its global box office dominance and phenomenal cast wasn’t recognized in any category and actor Ewan McGregor who gave a touchingly haunting performance in The Impossible was also ignored.

As much as we eagerly anticipate the season of glitz, glamour, triumph and defeat, we are inevitably  reminded through the frays of reality, that politics still carries considerable weight in the industry.

Click here for the list of nominees and see whether your favorites made the cut.