Trendy Notes: HBO Scores with Ethel Kennedy Documentary


HBO has always managed to clog its schedule with heartfelt and jarring stories about real life struggles and triumphs.

This tradition continues with their latest stunner, Ethel, an insightful and touching portrait of a woman who happened to fall in love with a bloke from one of the most prestigious families in the country, Robert F. Kennedy.


Her destiny was cemented the moment they locked eyes, and the rest as they say is history. Ethel Kennedy is lovingly captured in a way that vividly demonstrates her stoic demeanor and refreshingly submissive candor. It’s clear that only somebody extremely close to the matriarch could have the ability to successfully expose such intimate details with genuine craftsmanship.

Rory Kennedy a seasoned filmmaker and the youngest of the bunch, was born six months after Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated and it was probably her urgent need to re-discover the father she tragically never knew that led her to her most ambitious project yet.

The documentary is an elated tribute to the intricate legacy that Robert and Ethel Kennedy created through their passionate pursuit of justice, and their resilient disposition despite challenging times. It is also a celebration of the indelible fortitude of widowed single mother who despite unspeakable tragedy, manages to exquisitely weather the storm and formidably lead her troops to victory. The film is a history lesson that wont put you to sleep, simply because it authentically delves into the subject in a manner that reeks of ingenuity.

We are privy to a variety of juicy tit bits and nostalgic imagery that inspires a range of emotions and gives the viewer a comprehensive appreciation of the celestial harmony the Kennedy clan shared and fiercely guarded.

It’s an all American story that doesn’t quite deliver the standard Hollywood ending but manages to leave us spellbound and eternally hopeful.