Trendy Report: Fashion Politico, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney


There is a lot to look forward to now that the election season is in full swing. The Republican Convention is currently picking up steam in Tampa (as if they need anymore heat!), and while there will be more than enough banter to satisfy the eager appetites of those present, we can’t help but focus our attention on more lighter fare.


Both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are going to be heavily visible in the months to come due to the fact that their husbands are in heated competition to secure the highest office in the land. And while the debates and campaign exercises dominate the itinerary, both women will be centerstage as avid supporters of their high profile spouses.

We will be watching to see how they each decide to grace the healthy number of podiums in their future. Michelle Obama so far has a playful approach to fashion and a compensatory sensibility. Her wardrobe choice presents her as an accessible First Lady who treasures comfort and durability but also enjoys making a statement without being overwhelming.

Ann Romney is relatively new to the global spotlight and so far she has demonstrated her ability to choose appropriate pieces that are both flattering and classic.

Politics aside, both women have an immense respect for fashion and understand the essence of “looking the part”. We can’t wait to see how they dazzle us during the campaign trail.

Check out some of the looks they’ve rocked so far.