TrendyBuzzing…Mayor Bloomberg Takes a Bold Step In the Health Arena

The web is abuzz today with the recent announcement that NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg is taking major steps to eradicate the obesity trend by eliminating the sale of super sized drinks with high sugar content.



Some may argue that this is an unwarranted invasion of our basic human rights and perhaps it may not be a good idea for the powers that be to dictate the consumption habits of law abiding citizens

That may be true, but there is no stopping this crusade! Especially since time seems to be of the essence to get this proposal initiated. June 12th is the official date when the Board of Health will have the opportunity to vote Yay or Nay. 

Bloomberg outlined the specifics of the new law by explaining that the ban would target any sugary sodas, tea, and even sports drinks that tip over the 16 ounces limit. This means that if you have been getting your sugar high at movie theatres, fast food fixtures or from street vendors, you might have to find another way to feed your addiction. But don’t despair! Your local grocery store will still be a constant source if you decide not to part ways with your unhealthy habit.

If you consider the mind-numbing statistics, it’s inherently clear that obesity is a phenomenal problem in the U.S. and the numbers are rising steadily.

It’s hard to decipher whether or not putting restrictions on the size of drinks we buy will make a significant impact, but its encouraging to witness the start of something that will hopefully get the nation on the right track to a more health-conscious destination.