Trendy Accessories Report: Enjoy the Summer Sunny Side Up!

African fabrics have long been revered and symbolized but it’s definitely time to spread the wealth and that’s exactly what Johannesburg based brand, Babatunde is aiming to do.


Babatunde is a common name of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria and it means “the father returns”, and that accurately depicts the message of the brand. The importance of celebrating and honoring one’s heritage is the epitome of assuming responsibility for your own destiny. Babatunde is perfecting the art of utilizing homegrown fabrics like the famous Ankara cloth to conceptualize a fun and chic way to enjoy functional accessories. That’s their way of propelling the power and magnificence of a continent that is currently overflowing with rivers of creativity.

They became famous for their vibrantly structured headgear and that formula is being applied to their newest offering – Ankara Print Sun Umbrellas!

A day in the sun is a welcomed event if you are strolling around with these gems! They come in the most delightful of hues and are guaranteed to make your day that much brighter.

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