EcoTools Aims to Re-Define Beauty Market

The beauty business is about to get re-tooled, thanks to a new venture involving actress Alicia Silverstone, whose quest for all things GREEN has never wavered, and EcoTools, a company that caters to the eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts by supplying accessories such as makeup cases and brushes that are made from sustainable materials.


Silverstone has been a big fan of the eco-friendly themed company for awhile now and assumed the role of spokesperson three years ago. She has also been pretty active when it comes to inspiring and advising the brand on how best to market their items in order to seduce willing customers to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle in a creative and functional way. Her delicately compiled illustrations rely on cool dipped hues, and appropriately strewn images to beckon customers to jump on the environmentally-conscious bandwagon.

The price points are also pretty considerate; you won’t have to spend more than $15.99 for any of the products.

EcoTools will also be available online sometime in 2012.

Nothing better than dolling up to save the planet!