Prada Aims High With New Jewelry Line

Miuccia Prada is simply not satisfied with providing elegantly chic apparel and accessories; she also wants to venture into “glitter “territory and it looks like she is up to the challenge.

Prada’s new line of jewelry which will make its official debut next month, promises to live up to the reputation that has helped solidify one of the world famous design house’s position in the fashion ranks.

The pieces absolutely echo the signature look of Prada with a few new elements that help to add a little edge and versatility. There is a healthy mixture of materials and fabrics to please the masses; from the use of leather and crocodile to the always embraced studded detailing, every jewelry box will be a lot richer with at least one of these gems taking up space.

Prices start at $488, which isn’t cheap but looking good definitely comes with a price!