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Playwright Katori Hall Calls Out Director for Casting White Actor as Martin Luther King Jr.

As the saying goes – “wonders will never cease”. As the nation continues to battle racial discord and blatantly disarming bigotry, Kent State University in Ohio, is now being called to task for staging The Mountaintop an award-winning play from Katori Hall in a fashion that has left her perplexed and quite frankly outraged.


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Mizzou President, Chancellor, Resign in Response to Student Protests and Strike by Football Players

The growing unrest that has held the University of Missouri-Columbia captive and initiated an additional antenna to the growing movement against racial motivated attacks and threats against people of color has reached its plateau with the announcement on Monday by the University system’s president, Tim Wolfe and the chancellor of the riddled flagship campus, R. Bowen Loftin that both men will relinquish their posts.


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Michael Moore Calls Out “White Hollywood” for Refusing to Stand Up For Quentin Tarantino

Director Quentin Tarantino has built a successful career around his ability to be delightfully shocking and dramatically imaginative while all the while setting a standard for filmmaking that very few are able to adhere to which is the reason why he is part of the group of stylized storytellers that instinctively commands respect and adulation.


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