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4 Ways to Be an Overnight Social Media Superstar (Be Prepared for Foul Play)

Being a writer in this day and age requires a lot more than skillfully delivering a story. I learned that the hard way when one of the sites I freelanced for abruptly ended our relationship based on the fact that despite my obvious ability as a versatile wordsmith, I was seriously lacking in the area that counts the most – bringing in the numbers. Of course part of me felt bruised, but the reasonable side of me recognized that I had been a victim of media discrimination.



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‘The Perfect Guy’ is a Hit, But That Doesn’t Mean Black Films Are Mainstream

The Perfect Guy, a film that dominated the box office this past weekend is a black film with an appealing cast and a story that for all intents and purposes would draw a hefty crowd that would comprise of a mostly black audience. Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut have enjoyed a relatively successful career but their ability garner replicate that success in mainstream movies hasn’t been an easy feat despite their lengthy and substantial resumes.


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Kylie Jenner and the Morbid World of Media Whoreship

Back in 2007, when The Kardashians were still a manageable force and social media seemed like an absolute Godsend – I sporadically indulged in the reality show that has now evolved into a full-fledged empire. It’s the modernized Cinderella story with a twist. A gorgeous socialite sleeps her way to the top, and stays there at the dismay of a handful of us who were taught that being pretty needs to be complimented with being a lady.

Kylie Jenner – As she was…

"Justin Bieber's Believe" World Premiere - Arrivals

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Minority Women Less Likely to be First-Time Episodic TV Directors

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) recently confirmed what most wouldn’t find particularly shocking even though the stats are admittedly discouraging. According to Deadline, the latest data reveals that minority women are still lagging way behind Caucasian females and even further behind Caucasian males when it comes to garnering the opportunity to direct their very first episodic TV show.


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