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Lupita Nyong’o Gracefully Shuts Down Vogue Magazine after Comparisons to Audrey Hepburn

A couple of days after the chaos of The Met Gala – fashion pubs are still required to work overtime to expertly translate and analyze the night’s overpriced and heightened dramatics.

Vogue magazine is usually considered the leader of the pack when it comes to dissecting every detail – from the diamonds and pearls to the Princess heels and glow-in–the dark ensembles.


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4 Ways to Be an Overnight Social Media Superstar (Be Prepared for Foul Play)

Being a writer in this day and age requires a lot more than skillfully delivering a story. I learned that the hard way when one of the sites I freelanced for abruptly ended our relationship based on the fact that despite my obvious ability as a versatile wordsmith, I was seriously lacking in the area that counts the most – bringing in the numbers. Of course part of me felt bruised, but the reasonable side of me recognized that I had been a victim of media discrimination.



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