• Coulis-wow aside, I also suggest stirring crumbled feta in with the tomato and pasta mixture when it’s ready to serve. I think the feta really makes it. I would, though, being a filthy Greek and all.

  • hypnosis,Its risky. It worked on my auny’s friend, shed been trying to for years butno diet worked, but then once she had she started loosing like 2 pound everyday! Sh ehad only one session which cost her £100 and as far as im aware, no side effectsxx

  • Hi Remo,I finally packed you in my netvibes and remembered this post. I started using the system two weeks ago, and I love it … my colleagues are rather jealous about my empty inbox, but refuse to believe, that the solutions of “inbox zero” apply to their circumstances. I am living proof and happy to get my stuff done so much more efficient … so that I do have more time to read my blogs.Cheers from BerlinAndreas

  • We shoulda’ sent Jammah,CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez put to rest any doubts about his masterful political touch in winning ability to steal a third consecutive six-year term after a bitterly fought race against a youthful rival who has galvanized Venezuela’s opposition.

  • Oh yeah, fauulobs stuff there you!

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