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New York Times Boss, Mark Thompson, Sued For Fostering Ageist, Racist and Sexist Environment

The New York Times has always held the reputation for not being the most diverse newsroom in the landscape of highly respected media outlets and it looks like those who have weathered that storm are ready for judgment day.

The organization’s top boss, CEO Mark Thompson will have to fight the accusations levied upon him by two black female employees in their early sixties who allege that Thompson has fostered an environment that has become “rife with discrimination”.


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Nicki Minaj Clobbers Miley Cyrus (Again) and Abruptly Ends NY Mag Interview

Rapper Nicki Minaj is not to be messed with – especially when you’re coming for her verbally unarmed.

Miley Cyrus learned this the hard way when Minaj publicly brought her to task during the VMAs for the comments she made that evidently didn’t sit well with Drake’s one time road dog. Cyrus accused Minaj of not having “an open heart” and being somewhat of a troublemaker in her dealings with “America’s Sweetheart” – Taylor Swift.


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Hillary Clinton Will Pop Up on Season Premiere of ‘Saturday Night Live’

In an effort to remind voters that despite the public humiliation she endured courtesy of the former president of the United States and her hubby of forty years, Bill Clinton – she is still capable of conjuring a healthy dose of self-deprecation, complimented with a helping of naturally amassed humor. And so to drive that home – the former first lady will clock in an appearance on NBC’s most valued institution – Saturday Night Live.

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#SandraBland is Dead. So Am I. And So Are You.

Sandra Bland haunts me day and night. From the moment her story streamed my timeline, I was captivated and alarmed even though the theme was grotesquely familiar. #BlackLivesMatter became a resounding anthem, a response to the chaos and mayhem that has consistently populated the nation with the senseless killings of young black men like Trayvin Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and countless others. But I will admit that Sandra Bland’s case hits a little too close to home.


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