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Trendy TV: AfroPoP’s Cultural Exchange Ends Series with “Boys of Summer”

The frigid temps and slushy sidewalks still persists but if you are yearning to escape to paradise, you may find it this coming Monday. February 10 when AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange serves up an endearing confection straight out of the Caribbean Island of Curacao. Boys of Summer captures the inspiring journey of a team of young baseball players, as they struggle through mountain of challenges that could prevent them from competing at the Little League World Series.


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Trendy Pop: Four Questions with “Doin’ It in the Park” Directors, Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau


AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, partnered with the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) is back again for another chance to inform and educate the public with insightful and in depth renderings that aim to celebrate the present day Africa Diaspora. Viewers will be treated to host and actor Anthony Mackie who has been tapped to lead the series, which kicks off on Monday, January 13.



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