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The 9th Annual African Economic Forum Wrap Up Report

The 9th Annual African Economic Forum was in full swing last Saturday afternoon when a series of panels were holding court at the Uris Hall – the main site for all the action.

The Columbia University Senior Leadership Committe pictured above: From left: Arif M. Traore, Foday Soko Sankor – Co-Chair, Freda Yawson, Marilyn Balonga, Vice Chair, Zimuzo Azim, Ngowari Harry -Co-chair and Ola Obilana

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Africa Is Here To Stay


Heritage1960 seems poised to make anything African the hottest trend to be associated with. The thriving “blogazine” is the brainchild of Enyinne Owunwanne, who got the unique name from the year that 17 African nations gained their independence. She is dedicated to filling the gaping hole that was neglected for so long when it came to uplifting the beauty and rich African culture. Read more