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9/11 – A Decade Later

Its hard to believe its been10 years since the horrific terrorists attacks that claimed so many innocent lives and changed the landscape of one of the greatest cities in the world forever. I remember that day quite well. The picturesque fall day aligned with the smell and sounds of the wounded, dying and the dead created an uncanny juxtaposition. Read more

Nonso Anozie’s Towering Career


Nonso Anozie has been quietly moving under the radar but with his recent role in the summer blockbuster, Conan the Barbarian, this 32 year-old thespian and graduate of Central School of Speech and Drama in London is on his way to being recognized and respected in the Hollywood community. At 6ft 6inches, it’s not surprising that he was eagerly cast in the role of Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the 2nd season of HBO’s hit Game of Thrones. So far his roster of films are quite impressive, Atonement, RockNRolla and The Grey, an upcoming thriller also starring Liam Neeson. Not bad for a British actor of Nigerian decent who clearly doesn’t embody the leading man qualities but still manages to catch the attention of all the sheriffs that run the town where dreams are made. There are also rumblings that British director Mike Leigh of Secret and Lies fame may consider him for a role in his new film.

The sky is the limit for Nonso Anozie. And we can’t wait to see him soar!


Africa Is Here To Stay


Heritage1960 seems poised to make anything African the hottest trend to be associated with. The thriving “blogazine” is the brainchild of Enyinne Owunwanne, who got the unique name from the year that 17 African nations gained their independence. She is dedicated to filling the gaping hole that was neglected for so long when it came to uplifting the beauty and rich African culture. Read more

When Reality Becomes Too Real



Oh the good old days! When ignorance was bliss and we basked in the glory of the riches and drama that propelled the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills above the ranks to the most successful show in the series. Oh how the mighty have fallen! The tragic suicide of Russell Armstrong, the insecure and troubled husband of Taylor Armstrong, has undoubtedly cast a large black cloud over the future of the show and perhaps the series as a whole. Read more

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