Trendy Film Report: Before Fifty Shades of Grey, We Had 9 ½ Weeks

The trailer for the most anticipated movie since I don’t know when was finally unleashed a week ago. Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson gave us a sneak peek of what to expect come Valentines Day 2015.


It looks like an impressive effort, the two leads seem to have the right amount of chemistry and it’s clear there will be plenty of misbehaving between the sheets and in places that inspire a variety of pleasurable practices.

But will this latest sampling hold up to it’s 1986 predecessor? Adrian Lyne’s 91/2 Weeks is still considered the blueprint when it comes to dramatized erotica, and for good reason. Mickey Rourke back in the day when he looked human (and hot), held us hostage as we watched him seduce Kim Basinger, utilizing specific methods that will make even the most enlightened blush with feverish envy.



Basinger’s Elizabeth is entrapped by a sexual fanatic who keeps her seductively captivated by mercilessly subjecting her to a series of requirements that eventually take their toll, but not before she completes a range of emotions that leave them both mentally wearied.

If you are think you can handle this fiery match, then you must give  91/2 Weeks your total attention and then make the most of the summer nights we have left.

Fifty Shades of Grey will not be tame but it will be interesting to observe just how far the envelope will be pushed. Back in the day, during the glorious 80’s, there was a freedom that came with the mandatory excessive vibes that penetrated every social circle with little or no censorship. The cultural vices reflected the high dosage of exploitation that allowed films like 91/2 Weeks to flourish.

Now almost thirty years later, the landscape has shifted to accommodate a plethora of options that leave very little room for a healthy imagination. Can we expect Fifty Shades of Grey to reveal anything that will potentially stun us beyond belief? Probably not. But all the hype will help give it a chance to at least try to measure up even if it we are left yearning for the secured classics.