Dolce & Gabbana’s Bling Collection Hits Stores in Europe

Dolce & Gabbana is joining the growing list of designer houses itching to expand into the foray of jewelry design.

They are now prepped and ready to debut their impressive collection that will be showcased in Milan, London, and Paris sometime in December.  But you will have to be prepared to throw down some major mula! The price points will wreck havoc on your wallet ($975 – $24,500) but if you are financially well-endowed or just a slave to fashion, then you will be making a good investment. The pieces are classically elegant and eclectic without any pretentious motifs, just subtle hints of where the line was shaped from and inspirational imprints that represent certain traditional and cultural influences. Some of the bracelets and necklaces are graced with charms which is always a winning staple for any piece of jewelry because it adds a sense of continuity and heightens the personal value.

If you are ready to be embalmed in all things D&G, you will have to visit the boutiques in each of the cities listed to get a taste of the good life!