Lauriann Gibson Departs Gaga’s Entourage

According to The Hollywood Reporter, celebrity choreographer Lauriann Gibson has parted ways with Lady Gaga. Gibson, who was Gaga’s creative director, had been a key member of her team.


The newly minted Reality TV star has had a long history with the pop star since her early days at Interscope, and she played a vital role when it came to conceptualizing Gaga’s image to help compliment the visually stunning and dramatically appealing performances that the dynamic performer is revered for.

But it seems all was not well in Gagaland, as it became apparent this past summer that the two heavyweights were bumping heads on almost every issue. Sources claim that the creative differences threatened to delay several projects including music videos featuring top singles, like Edge of Glory and You and I. Gossip sites are also buzzing about another major fact that potentially caused the split – Gibson’s supposedly inflated ego.  After landing her own reality show on E! The Dance Scene, with the help of producer Ryan Seacrest, the Gibson became immersed in building her brand and making herself relevant, and this played out on certain occasions. One in particular involved a Red Carpet fiasco with ID PR executive, Kelly Bush and her client Paul Reubens. Eyewitnesses claim that Gibson, who nabbed a directing nod for Gaga’s Monster Ball concert which aired on HBO, got carried away striking a pose for photographers she almost caused Reubens to miss his moment in the spotlight much to the chagrin of Bush.

Whatever the reason, it looks like this break up is permanent with no hope of reconciliation. Lady Gaga has moved on and is now currently working with Richard Jackson in London. Jackson was Gibson’s right hand so hopefully all the “little monsters” will still have plenty to feed on… at least for now.