Agent Provocateur Throws A “Soiree”

Looking sexy can be a risky and costly endeavor, but as long as you rely on one of the world’s most luxurious provocative lingerie line, you will always be at your peak performance in the sensual department.

Soiree, an upscale off shoot of Agent Provocateur that up till now was only showcased at a handful of boutiques, will now get its moment to shine with a new online store that will display the daring but exclusively paramour-centric collection. To mark the occasion, a short but appropriately racy film has been commissioned to celebrate the new line; Les Fleurs du Mal which if translates to The Flowers of Evil. British director Justin Anderson is at the helm, and it features a chaotic but erotic scene that involves a sexy subject being given the “makeover” treatment by a flurry of models swaddled in items from the Soiree collection.

The price points are not kind to the regular checking account, so it may be wise to grab on to a guy with expensive but elaborate tastes. But the loot is worth the catch. Most of the pieces are adorned with Swarovski beads and eye-popping embellishments, which explain why you can expect to shell out $312 for the booty shorts and $24,000 for a body suit.

Don’t put a price tag on decadence and readily indulge!